Aku si penakut


It's was scary...
I'm at bus terminal pontian now.
Waiting for bus to benut.

There was a guy.
I had never saw him.
I'm really scared.

At first he look at me.
Ok. I tough it was nothing.
It was normal for human to see around him right.
So I was ignore him.

Then our eyes meet again.
Ok. I just do nothing.
At last he stand in front me with cigerate between his lips (smoking).
He take a sit beside me.
He try to make conversation with me.
He asked some question.

Nk pegi mane ?
Tunggu sape ?
Kenapa tanak jawab ?
Jangan sombong.
Saya orang baek. Bukan orang jahat.
Saja nak teman borak borak.

And i didn't answer to all his question.
I just turn my head to left and right.
Just facing the floor. I was really scared.

Dlm hati berkata.
Bukan sombong. Tapi takot. Cara encik salah.
I never gave you any positive signal just go away from me.

At last he gave up and get away from me.
And i try to find bus.

While i typing he was glared at me now.
But i'm save for now coz i'm in bus.

Written on 4.13pm 19 Oct 2013


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